Workplace lighting

Workplace lighting

Workplace lighting

Workplace lighting serves to create optimal working conditions for people. Proper lighting in the workplace can provide lighting in the work area or workshop that best suits the nature of the job being performed.

High-quality lighting in industrial premises performs several functions:

  1. Lighting in production is designed to make the work of specialists more convenient and safer.
  2. Professionally organized workplace lighting has a positive effect on the psyche of people, stimulates activity and creates a good mood, which affects productivity and safety.

The International Lighting Commission has released data from a study that shows that well-designed lighting in manufacturing facilities can improve workforce efficiency by an average of 10%. Employee performance improves and injury rates decrease. Evidence clearly demonstrates the importance of quality industrial lighting.

Types of industrial lighting

Different light sources can be used to organize and manufacture a lighting system. According to the criterion, several types of lighting in industrial premises are distinguished.

Natural lighting – lighting a room with direct or indirect sunlight penetrating through light boxes in external enclosing structures. Natural lighting in industrial premises is classified as follows:

  • side lighting of the premises through light boxes in the outer walls;
  • overhead lighting of premises through skylight domes, skylights and light boxes in places where the height of the building changes;
  • combined lighting – a combination of the first two types.

The main factor hindering the widespread use of natural light is its instability.

Artificial lighting – lighting a room only with artificial light sources (for example, halogen and LED lamps). Artificial lighting is divided into the following types:

  • work lighting – used to provide the required level of lighting in places of work, driveways and vehicles;
  • emergency lighting – turns on when the power supply system of the working lighting fails and is designed to ensure the evacuation of people in the event of an unplanned power outage;
  • emergency lighting – emergency lighting that makes it possible to continue working as usual or to safely stop it (in case of a complex surgical operation, etc.).
  • security lighting is a strong psychological deterrent that can prevent unauthorized access to a protected facility;
  • emergency lighting – makes it possible to significantly save on energy consumption, not only during operation.
  • mixed lighting – for production halls and other work premises, where natural and artificial light sources are used simultaneously;
  • industrial lighting – for organizations.

The company designs and installs industrial lighting systems for workshops, warehouses and logistics centers, offices and processors. ACDC Group industrial lighting systems are an integral part of the procurement and modernization processes of manufacturing companies. They create comfortable and safe working conditions that fully comply with all legal requirements.

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