Proper lighting for the office

Proper lighting for the office

Proper lighting for the office

In case commercial lighting for offices is required, it is necessary to check the regulated regulations and carefully study the parameters of the luminaires. Light must not adversely affect the working capacity of staff, including eye irritation, which causes the development of general fatigue and illness.

ACDC Group offers to get acquainted with the main principles of device selection so that they have a positive impact on staff efficiency.

The luminaires are manufactured in a wide range, but to enterprises, including offices, are proper only those that:

  • color temperature corresponds to 4000 K .;
  • Pulsation coefficient is less than 1%.
  • Soft lighting provided by matte diffusers.

Office lighting – modern solutions

In the SPECTRUM catalog, you will find ideal value for money solutions for the company’s office space, including ceiling and wall-mounted LED luminaires.

Popular hang up lights

Ceiling light is important to create a normal working atmosphere. It should be gentle, comfortable, unobtrusive. It would not be advisable to choose fluorescent lamps that have a high ripple factor, which causes eye strain.

Modern LED bulbs can be equipped with emergency power supplies. The complete set of LEDs, even when the power supply is switched off, will ensure the use of light for several hours.
Commercial office lighting also includes models with side lighting. Some points of light are not visible, but the lens itself shines.

Security of office luminaires

All energy-efficient lighting systems contain the necessary permitting documentation, including certificates of hygiene and fire safety, as well as certificates of conformity.
The office luminaires SPECTRUM offered by ACDC Group are subject to strict selection. They are all safe and effective. The main advantage – a significant reduction in electricity consumption by 50-70% compared to obsolete equipment.

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